Thursday, November 03, 2011

Bowl Out~!

After watching the sunrise, my hubby and I went dating at the market to get some stuff to cook for lunch. We walked around for a few minutes as the Anson market was so small. I can run at for less than 5 minutes to finish the whole round. The market was near to home that's why I chose to go there. Waking up at 6 a.m. caused my brain to shutdown by 10 a.m. but I revived my brain by getting myself online and spent a couple of hours in Facebook uploading photos. That kept me awake but I've already planned the whole week. If given a choice, I would prefer sitting in front of the computer and clicking away for hours and hours on end. But then again, that will be very meaningless. Spending time with people in spirit and flesh is far better than spending time virtually. I do still have my online problem where I can spend hours doing nothing but clicking around like walking aimlessly on a congested road. Well, our plan was to walk around in Queensbay. I wanted to do some shopping but I prefer shopping with my hubby alone. More comfortable. I don't like to make people wait for me while I take my own sweet time doing my own gala fashion show in the fitting room. Anyway, the ultimate plan was to get my kids their swimming costumes. There wasn't much choice in Queensbay so I let them monkey around like they have just been released from cages in a mini zoo. While we were walking around until the legs almost boycott from doing more walking, the two boys ran away to the cinema earlier. Smart of them to leave us or else they would have turned green and purple. They ran off to watch Real Steel, two boys hand in hand... how romantic... We went to Sunshine Square next for the girls' swimming costumes. A really good decision to go there. More discounts. Better choices. Again, the boys left us the moment we reached. They went bowling... again two boys, hand-in-hand... muahahaha... Well, we joined them after that. I have one major problem with my painful wrist, I thought the bowling ball will roll away together with my wrist. Got 1 spare only the rest either went washing the drain or just a few pins got dropped away. My fingernail on my thumb was chipped off at the edge. Always happening~!!! *argh* We were all half dead after such a long day and the next day we had an even longer day...

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