Sunday, November 20, 2011


This is one of the new restaurants in Penang Island. They serve beers from Germany, Australia and more. I have no idea neither do I have any interest on beers. If I'm not mistaken, the chef is imported from Berlin. We were there to try out the food. It was once in a blue moon where I go out with my besties. Thronging around town looking for a place to dine in. Great ambiance. We were having an early dinner so there weren't many patrons except us. We were upstairs at the non-smoking zone, served by youngsters whom I guessed just finished their secondary schooling. Chinese educated, written all over their faces and they spoke really bad English. One of the waiters had a great sense of humour. Gracie and Judz added to the humour with their complete blurness especially Gracie who is forever blur. Underneath that Scallopi chicken was a scoop of mashed potatoes. The colour of the mashed potatoes were slightly purple in colour. A mouthful of it was better than anything. It tasted so delicious that Gracie went ahead to praise the tastiness of the mashed potatoes and continued on by asking what was mixed into the tasty mashed potatoes. I know I seem very mean to insert the snippet of conversation at our table but I couldn't help it. We found it so hilarious that if we were seriously ruthless, we would have laughed so loud, with a hand banging on the table, dropped to the floor and then laughed until the sides ached and our jaws locked.

Gracie: What is this mashed potatoes mixed with? The texture is different.
Waiter: Scwhit... scwhit... scwhit potato...
Gracie: What is it?
Waiter: Schwit potato... schwit potato ok?
Gracie: Oh... sheep potato... sheep potato...
Waiter: No.. no... it's schwit potato...
Judz: Shit potato aa? Shit potato?
Me: He's saying sweet potato la.... *See, I'm so smart*

The waiter's friends and colleagues were laughing so loud and imitating his way of saying 'sweet potato'. Such a pitiful sight. Pure embarrassment. If it's for me, I would have run into the toilet and never come out or better still, resign from the job without prior notice. The same waiter came to our table again when he saw their our plates were licked clean.

Waiter: Are you dones?
Me and Judz: Yes, we're done...
*Gracie swallowing her laughter*
Judz to Gracie: You better stop that...
Gracie: Can't help it. Did you hear that?

We were laughing away in the car until we have tears in our eyes. Shit potato. Schwit potato. Dones (dance). We should have asked the waiter to dance for us as pure entertainment. Muahahhaaha... If ever I come in contact with a waiter who speak that way, my my... I'm going to play along like a dumb ass and turn the whole place upside down, laughing away without any cares of the world.

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