Sunday, November 27, 2011

Yes, I'm Pissed Off~!!

Let's see. Inconsiderate lot of people... yeah... I can name one to your anytime. Think of others before you think of yourself. YES, I've done it million of times and now I'm very pissed of with this putting others before myself. And who's putting me before them? No one~! No one in particular. It's all about other people. Hey, this is my blog~! I have my rights to rant it over here since nobody wants to listen to me. If you don't like what you read then scram away~! Teenagers are one whole evil bunch of people. Inconsiderate to the maximum. Why am I planning things to make them happy? From today onwards, I no longer function as a person who will cheer them up. I am responsible solely to myself only. It's time to enjoy myself. My hard earn money is for me to spend... only me... no one else. My house, I choose who to enter my house. No more birthday bash after this last one since before it even take place, someone already assumed it will be a boring one. I didn't realize that being with me will be boring. Hah~! Think before you speak. I've think it through for many years... so I'm making my decision now. Your problem is not mine, take it with you don't bring it to me. Inconsiderate lot of people... now get lost~! There's a limit to everything. Nothing said can change my mind after yesterday's incident. By the way, let me get things straight... I LIKE TO TRAVEL ALONE OR WITH MY BEST FRIENDS. I HATE TRAVELLING IN A LARGE GROUP WITH EXCESS BAGGAGE. I DISLIKE WAITING FOR 10 MINUTES JUST TO GET OUT OF THE CAR AND YELLING AT EVERYONE TO START MOVING... START MOVING... START MOVING... EITHER YOU MOVE AS FAST AS I DO WHEN YOU'RE WITH ME OR DON'T EVEN BOTHER TO TAG ALONG...

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