Sunday, November 20, 2011

Chai Diam Ma...

I felt like I was a VIP with a chauffeur driving me around town. But my driver was a lazy one. She was reading the newspapers while waiting by the road side. She should be standing outside to hold the door for me and other passengers. Should I fire her? I think not because she did it for free. Anything that's free, I should accept it with no grumblings.... muahahaha...~! Love ya' Gracie~! Judz posted a link to a new cafe known as Chai Diam Ma. Chai diam ma is the Hokkien dialect which carries the meaning the Chinese olden days grocery store without any air-conditioning system, a little bit dark inside with lots and lots of stuff in the store set up in pre-war houses. The place was at 15, Queen Street, right in the heart of town which all of us did not enjoy going to.

  1. Firstly, it was hot like we were being barbecued alive under the scorching afternoon sun.

  2. Secondly, there was not enough parking spaces but we got one right opposite the place. God is good, praise Him for saving us a parking lot.

  3. Thirdly, the heart of town is where the business people whack the tourists properly, not literally, it's more like sucking their money out.

  4. Fourthly, people like us, the general public, the local people, do like to pay so much for something which is not on par with the pricing.

  5. Lastly, out of 5 of us, two us can cook really well, I should say and we have meticulous and highly sensitive taste buds.

The place was not too bad for a photography session. Oh, did you realize that we have another newcomer in our group? She's Suzie, a very good cook and we just added her into the group outings so she wouldn't be so bored staying at home. There were so many ragged dolls for sale. We were busy playing with the dolls. We couldn't be bothered with the price tags. The food was slow because there was only one preparing and cooking away. We should have helped her so that it wouldn't take such a long time. The place was low maintenance. There was seriously no air-conditioning system. Only two stand fans and one wall fan were switched on and three bulbs were lighted up at the kitchen section. The whole place was lit up by the natural sunlight and aired by the blowing wind. I became a feast to the mosquitoes. Truth be told, the macaroni was not tasty enough. There was Parmesan cheese in the baked cheese macaroni but it lacked of cheddar so that made the macaroni completely tasteless. It was RM14 per bowl or per plate. Even a plate of fried rice cost RM14. That was cut-throat expensive. With the same amount I would have fry rice for so many people. Even Suzie could do that. Each glass of drink was RM5, also expensive. Chai Diam Ma should have consider giving us locals a discount. You can only earn once from us since the food was so lousy. Toodles~! Not going there anymore. Not running down the cafe but it was just an honest truth. The decorations were beautiful but seriously, do something about the food and give better rates to the locals.

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