Friday, November 11, 2011

Hippo in Pool~!

I know how my cute mini crocodile surf board went into the pool but I did not know how Goofy ended up in the pool as well. Surf board? I would rather call that a splash board. It's really nice when you put it on your belly and tried to keep it down. It's not like I can't float on water but it was just something really nice to play with. The MaxLiquidator was overpowered by other hippos in the water. The larger splash board with turtles drawn on it was also taken away by another hippo. Aahh... I was surrounded by a bevy of beautiful hippos. We have been soaking for more than 3 hours when the last batch of hippos invade the pool. I really like swimming but there seem to be not enough public pool. Either it was too far away, closed down due to some wall cracks or the membership was so expensive I could buy a swimming pool and own it with the hefty sum to pay monthly and anually. Put both boards on your arms and float away. I had a great time there. Not much words to describe the feel of immersing yourself in chlorinated water until you have wrinkled skin all over. We actually did a group jump in a line until someone who can never pay attention and follow instruction spoil the group jump. Dislike such person. The worst was the cameraman instead of concentrating on the who line of ripple went zooming in on the last jumper who spoil the whole group effort. We can't make a second jump because the security guard came screaming bloody murder to all of us for jumping into the pool. He must be rather jealous that he could not join in the fun. When I came back and watch the video, I was screaming bloody murder to the cameraman and it makes me dislike the person who spoilt the jump even more. Cross her out of my list... DISLIKE HER TO THE MAX~!!!! She can never follow anything to the dot, even the slightest and easiest task... if you spoil my December holiday, I'll be very very nasty.

Here's something which has nothing to do with this post. I just feel like ranting it out loud as it's eating me from the inside out. I'm really looking forward to the December holiday as plan but I seriously regretted bringing so many excess baggage along into the trip. I love and I seriously enjoy going on holiday on my own. Alone or maximum 1 person in tow, but to have so many especially two who can't even listen to simple instructions, you will be very surprise when I scream at the top of my lungs in the hotel room... or I will just walk away and leave all the excess baggage in the room. Hhmmm... I think I'll choose the latter. In conclusion, this will be the first time and the last time I'm going with so many people for a holiday. I shall never repeat the same mistake. It's my biggest mistake of making such invitation, I felt like taking all my words back but I couldn't. By the way, it's my blog so I have my rights to write anything I want and you're free to choose whether you want to read it or not or how you feel about after reading it.

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