Sunday, November 20, 2011

The Young KL Singers...

In conjunction to the opening of the Performing Arts Centre of Penang, there will be some events such as dramas, choir ensemble and lots more being staged for free. So, we grabbed this opportunity to experience it first hand. Instead of going to the cinema we went for a live choral music by the young KL singers. Introducing to you Dato' Faridah Merican, known as the First Lady of Malaysian Theatre. She co-founded the Actors Studio with her husband, that studio must be pretty awesome with lots of talented young adults practising away. The only stage play that I have attended was the one held by the First Assemblies of God during the Christmas week. There was another play about Laksamana Cheng Ho but I couldn't remember much. I do enjoy such drama as the people playing their roles were so talented and passionate about what they're doing. Presenting to you, the Music Director, Susanna Saw, a Penang lass residing in Kuala Lumpur. Congratulations~! You've done a really great job. I'm very impress with the choral music entitled Together as One. I've no idea until I got hold of the book that printed out today's event. It was seriously quite disturbing to learn that I would be hearing chants of different religion. Oh, that was the stage where they performed. It started with the call of azan like what we usually hear through the loudspeakers attached to the minarets of mosques. I'm okay with that because I've been listening to the azan calls since I could recognize sounds and differentiate them. It was followed by the chanting of *ohm ohm ohm* which was truly disturbing. I switched on my brain filter and concentrated on their voices. The singers have lovely voices and the arrangement was in such that everything was done perfectly. Seriously, I was very impressed... but again, I still do not agree with the song arrangement where the whole choir sing the songs of other religion. It's not healthy to the soul. Spiritually unhealthy. When it came to the Christian part, not even the whole choir was invovle. Only the four musketeers from the Caipifruta Vocal Quartet were performing. They were singing melodiously to only one word "Hallelujah" but the rest of the rendition of nasyid was done in such a group that it made me think that... *I'll cut off my thought for this one*

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