Monday, November 21, 2011

The Nail... My Nail...

Whoa~! First, I have tofu feet where the skin came off after a couple of hours of playing around. Secondly, no matter how thick the socks are or how expensive and good the footwear claim to be, I ended up with blisters as large as the United States of America. Now, this. Well, this isn't the first time. And it's always on the same toe on the same foot and the same thing happens every time. How am I gonna move around with that jutting out? The best and the only solution is to remove the whole nail. Anyway, I have half of the new nail underneath. Yay~! Removed after cutting off the skin that was attached to the corner of the nail. Ouch~! Part of the flesh was not protected. Gotta do something about this. Wrap it with Piglet. Hmph~! I should have use the Donkey one so I can have Donkey smelling my foot.

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