Thursday, November 17, 2011

What's On My Mind?

When it was 1 a.m., I was trying to keep myself awake. I stopped stitching just in case I made errors that will need me to unpick the stitches. Hubby was busy doing something so I entertained myself by switching on the computer. Boy... was I ever awake when I login into my Facebook. Then, I was thinking about food no doubt I wasn't hungry. I was thinking about the Sunday dinner with hubby. The delicious deep fried mantis prawn, curry chicken with bread but I don't know what happened to the curry, it was too salty like someone overturned a whole bag of salt into the pot of curry, oh, not to forget my favourite seafood popiah and belachan fried chicken. If you think those were to food a table of 5, I have to tell you that, those were for just enough for 2. Suddenly I was thinking of going on diet. ON DIET~! Cabbage soup diet~!!! I'm just kidding, right? Yeah... yeah... I'm starting to feel really heavy and I refuse to drive to the gym. The legs just wouldn't cooperate. Talking about going on a strict diet, I was thinking about ways to make macarons. I have never tried baking before but I think I need to start somewhere. Oh, I'm thinking about going to bed now as I wonder how am I going to wake up early when I'm still wide awake... sleep sleep... Nitez~!

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