Tuesday, November 15, 2011

China Should Emulate Us...

The recent hoo-ha about Yue Yue's accident was one horrible accident with heartless people walking passed her without acknowledging her wrecked body on the road. Now, the Chinese in China should learn a little from us, a multi-racial and multi-religion country. Emulate us. Imitate us. China is successful in producing imitation goods so I guess it shouldn't be a problem imitating our good behaviour. That was a minor road mishap that involved two motorcyclists. Such a minor one but in a split of a second, there were other motorcyclists stopping by, pedestrians hurrying to help those who couldn't get up in the middle of the road. The multitude of people, or you should say the busybody crowd who had nothing better to do but giving themselves a topic to discuss later on, they were actually making a human barricade so that other vehicles will not knock the victim lying in the middle of the road. Get it? Such a vast difference compared to those in China who hurried passed the little girl and exposed her to more danger with vehicles speeding on the road. In less than 5 minutes, the crowd dispersed. Why so? It's because a few of them have carried the victim to the roadside while waiting for an ambulance. An ambulance will be called immediately once accident happen. Who called? Many... those with mobile phones. Almost every one owns a mobile phone? Don't people in China own a mobile phone? Can't even make a simple call without touching the victim? If it's a major accident, of course the crowd will not touch the victim in case they put him in more harm instead of helping the victim. That's ambulance which appeared after 10 minutes. I don't have to ask you to spot the difference between what happened in this case and what happened to little Yue Yue who died after that in the hospital. There might be 18 people in this scene but none walked away. It was a crowd but a crowd that protected the victim from being hit another round or driven over a vehicle. 18 people who waited until the ambulance arrived. 18 people among which would have tried to contact the victim's family members, called the ambulance and chatted with the victim to keep him or her conscious. 18 people who made sure that the victim was not robbed while lying on the road. The political parties in this country may have differences in their views and propaganda but the commoners have only one wish, that is to keep this country peaceful.

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