Tuesday, November 15, 2011

TNB No Money...

That's one of my electric bill. It's known that if your bill is below RM20 then it will be subsidised... means no need to pay. So I find it quite surprising to see a 20 cents 'Tunggakan'. Weird. If the previous bill was already RM0.00 then where did the RM0.20 come from? Come on TNB... you're seriously asking for 20 cents. If you can waive a RM20 bill what is RM0.20? Why not hunt those who owe TNB thousands and thousands of ringgit instead of 20 cents? Absurd~! Parking at TNB Anson Road is RM3, if park illegally might get summon of RM100, go into the building and take queue number, wait around 2 minutes, go to the counter pay 20 cents, drive home. Petrol will cost more than the electric bill. Stupiak~!

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