Tuesday, November 08, 2011

A Rushed Wednesday (Revised)

This is a revised version of what I wrote earlier. There seemed to be a problem with the post. It was perfect until after two days when I checked out my own blog, the post has been reduced to pictures left only. The wordings disappeared to Timbuktu. And I have no idea what I wrote earlier. Thus, I feel like writing this again, for the fun of it. I am a perfectionist and I hate it when things go wrong or went missing. The missing post is like missing a page of my personal journal. Here goes... our biggest group hike up to the Air Itam Dam. I thought we were gonna take a couple or more hours to reach the top but since my oldest best pal was leading, it took us only 50 minutes to reach. It didn't feel like a real hike thought cause it was just walking on a steep tar road. I prefer the jungle trail but since it was raining everyday and most of us have been to Pantai Kerachut, I can't think of anywhere best to go. We reached so soon that the golden group of mistresses could not even reach even after more than hour. We had so much time to kill before moving forward, walking around the whole large dam. I have my toy with me... mi camera. We snapped more than hundred of pics just for that. Some of them were dead tired though before they had to wake up extremely early on a school and public holiday, me included. 6 a.m. ... *gosh* If I've known that we were gonna be so fast, I would started the walk up at 9 a.m. or later. There's a time for everything. Praising God under the sun. Praise Him for everything. Praise Him for bringing each and everyone of them together as friends. Thanking Him for the good weather. A time to spend together. Perfect timing. Everything was really good on that day. It went perfectly well. Introducing the amateur jumpers. Not synchronized. Out of tempo. Thus, they had to jump so many time until the one holding the camera got frustrated. Hahhahaha.... but it was a good one, rite? I like Qian's legs... airborne~! I'm the professional... with two bodyguards on each of my side. It was a great day and I had no idea who walked up and down the whole place. Oblivious to whatever's happening on that day. We got tired waiting in one place, so the youngsters decided to race their way to the playground. Annie and I had a slow walk to the playground, stopping here and there for more photos. The sun was shining brightly, with not even a hint of rain. Of course I would start raining again in the evening, a couple of weeks back, the rain was so predictable. It would be bright and sunny in the morning and afternoon, by the time it was around 4 p.m. it would be pouring cats and dogs. Swings~! I have sweet memories with swings. I started playing on a swing when I was in Melbourne, together with Pinky. It was such a bliss being there. I can't wait to go to Australia again, love the view, love the weather over there. Me and my bestie took the opportunity for some photo taking session. I realized that we didn't have many photos together. That's because she left for a greener pasture when she was 16. Left me all alone, well she went alone, too. We were two lone rangers taking over the world from two different angles. This is some finger art that I suggested and they perfected. It took quite awhile to get the perfect adjustment. Very nicely done, good teamwork~! Finally, the golden group arrived after more than an hour. The golden group consists of those who are young at heart, forever young... as young as 15 only. We stopped aging there... we're better than the 'In Time' movie where they stopped aging at 25 years old. The second row consists of the oldies. We continued walking for another hour more. We achieved quite a lot just for one morning. It was a healthy activity instead of sleeping away the whole morning. Then, lunch and some rest at my place before we started smashing at the badminton court. We booked all 3 courts but the place was with very poor ventilation. Almost died of suffocation and the heat was unbearable. Felt like being roasted alive but we survived. We are survivors. We will survive in any condition and in any situation. It was more rushed after badminton. 5 minutes to shower and change and look nice and beautiful. Swallowed dinner in less than 15 minutes. Got caught in an ugly traffic on the way to the cinema. Thank God the house is near the cinema... but still for those watching the romantic and touching movie, they missed 10 minutes of the starting. The rest of all took our time hunting for parking spot in the multi-level car park in Queensbay. It was a parking frenzy like you were lost in a maze of cars. The movie was awesome thought. Made up for whatever stress of the day. I do like Noisy Boy but it surprised me that it turned into a heap of scrap metal in no time at all due to human error. Atom proved to be something else. I don't like Zeus... but I'm still a fan of robots. Grow up playing Transformers and little green toy soldiers. It's really good that I have no liking for Barbie dolls. Dolls give me nightmares especially after watching Chucky.

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