Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Extremely Superstitious..

I wonder what's in the mind of some people. There's this one particular cousin-in-law of mine, you know the economy so bad, of course your business will be affected. You're not the only one being affected. Ask you to diversify, you don't want. See lar... I diversify until don't know go where liao...

Bro went to grandma's house. Then, put the keys on the altar. She screamed at bro saying that those keys put on the altar means locking her business - no business. What kinda crap is that? Hey, before my bro put those keys, your business already dwindling down... now you blame my bro??!!! Next time, I'm going to get a HUGE padlock, lock it and put on the altar. I see what you gonna say. I'll tell you I'm closing down your business for good.

What century liao... so superstitious.

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