Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Long Piao Piao

Saturday is the only day I work for hours at stretch. Not a tedious job but a fun-filled one. No complains. I was busy running the class, when something caught my eyes. It was a flyer the kids used as rough paper. I turned to the other side. Everything was printed in Chinese except for the venue - Charismatic Church of Penang - very near my house. Just a five-minute walk. I have lots of translators to tell me what's printed on that piece of colourful paper. There will be a concert but it's in Chinese. I can say that I understand Mandarin quite well unless you use the bombastic words which I have no idea how to search the dictionary for the meaning. Well, I decided to attend the concert.

Some of you might be familiar with her singing. Her rendition of Chinese New Year songs, especially. She has powerful lungs and she's a great evangelist. Many will have the chance to hear the gospel as some thought that she's just giving her usual concert but this time round it's FREE admission.
There's nothing far better than to be in the house of the Lord. Charismatic Church of Penang is along Bayan Lepas, I think. I've stayed there all my life yet I cannot name the roads. If you know where's the Snake Temple then you should know where it is. The Snake Temple has been there before I was even borned. Then, the church was built when I was in...errrmmm.... cannot remember. After the church has been erected, on the left was an empty plot of land. Then, lo and behold, there's Than Hsiang Temple, and they have to build it higher than the church's cross. After a few years, on the right, another piece of empty lot, a Hindu temple was erected. We're surely a nation with multiple race and religion. Where's the mosque?


lx ting said...

y ur story no flow 1? simply write 1....1st talk bout the night...den go on n talk bout churches n temples n mosques...wat r u tryin 2 say????

seahorse27 said...

Why need a flow in a story? My kepala otak all jumble up... at least I keep this blog updated. You complain lagi I'll abandon it...heheheh...

I'm not trying to say anything...must have strong points only can blog?