Tuesday, June 23, 2009

My Dream House..

Went to Cinta Sayang Resort in Sungai Petani. There are linked bungalows and terraces. I like the linked bungalows, at the price of RM335k. Not as pricey as in Penang. But location...haih... I still want Penang houses. I don't mind buying from both states :)People with negative thinking will say that,"No, I can't own that kinda house. I can't afford it. It's impossible. It's too expensive. It's meant for wealthy people. People like us will have to take a housing loan up to 25 years."

I almost fainted hearing 'bout a loan up to 25 years. For me, I'll take a flexy loan and finish it within 5 years or maybe lesser. I will tell you. Yes, I can afford it. Picture yourself in that house. Place yourself in there. You can own whatever you want to have just with the power of your imagination. I know it can be done because everything that I have now, all started from my imagination.

When I started the tuition, some say it's impossible for one person to handle everything. With the power of my imagination, I imagined myself running the whole show. I opened a branch in another year. Then, I run both smoothly. I opened another one. Yes, if I can manage three centres, why not I put my hands on something else.

I get to know 'bout jet skis. I imagine myself being the queen at the beach. I want to play at no charge at all. Within two weeks, I set up Run With The Wave Enterprise. So, who can tell me that I cannot do it? No one. If you think you can, you are able to, picture yourself in whatever situation you want, EVERYTHING IS POSSIBLE! As a Christian, I do pray about it.

Now, I'm imagining about something else. Swimming in a pool filled with dollar notes... is that impossible? My answer is NO! It depends on how you control your mind.


lx ting said...

oh wow....u sounded braggy in here..

pilocarpine said...

welcome to SP..

seahorse27 said...

LX: If you think I'm braggy, I have no say. If I have to blog and think 'bout everyone's opinion after reading, must well I don't blog at all.

Kah Pin: Thanks... not gonna shift there maybe just get a house there for the whole family... can be my vacation house..