Saturday, June 06, 2009

Making Time For Everything...

24 hours a day is definitely not enough. I tried cutting down on my sleeping time but I can't do that as I'll be tired and grumpy thus, snappy at everyone. Therefore, I have to brush up my multitasking skill. Have to be disciplined and work fast. Oh, cleaning the house. That's tedious. My room is back to its tornado-driven state. I can't seem to do anything 'bout it. I stare at the pile of rubble but I can't seem to get my hands to put those stuff in their own places. I find it hard to get up from my bed and before that, I have to struggle to open my eyes and slam the alarm clock but after 5 minutes it will scream again. Snoozing~ looks like I can't live without an alarm clock. I thought I can do away with them. I need it back but I can definitely make it shut up on Fridays.

Online.. chat, check mails, update blogs whenever necessary and write articles for my advertisement and also sending out e-mails. Check all the company accounts.

Work... teach, joke and read story books in between if possible and also sending sms-es. Have to cut down on that.

Close sales... have to close sales.

Get more customers. My thick-skin face.. hopefully still thick. How many inches, ya?

Spend less time chatting... have to cut down.. already cut down on that for a week...

Enjoy life... leisure time... but NO shopping.. no more storage space.

Someone asked me why won't I work for ppl. I can't answer that. I've never work under anyone. I sat down and gave it a thought. I realized that almost all the Lim family members DO NOT work for ppl except for a cousin and my second brother. But only temporary. Must be in the family blood. Can't run away from that. God is good. All the time!

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