Friday, June 19, 2009

I'm Glad It's Over...

Everything is possible for him who believes.
[Mark 9:23]
I'm not saying that I like severing friendship, but at least I feel that I...I... I'm very free? I don't know how to describe. Reliefed? Relaxed? It was nice talking to you. You're not as quiet as I imagine. Quite talkative, I should say. I get to know more 'bout you, that's the correct way to start a friendship. Prayerfully we may pick up from where we've left off yesterday nite and forget 'bout the earlier part of us that went wrong from the start. Not so soon, though. Preferably when you've changed to be a better person and I've changed, too. We shall see how God plans our path, I won't twist God's arms for my own selfishness.

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