Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Happy Father's Day

Can you imagine driving at 100 kmph with a cake on the lap? Not on my lap, obviously. How do you celebrate Father's Day? I really have no idea. The only thing I know is MAKAN - 'feilow-ship' with family untuk mengeratkan silaturahim sesama ahli keluarga tersayang. The moment I stepped into the house, throw my bag aside then dashed upstairs to the computer. Click here, click there. MSN cannot on, Internet Explorer cannot on. Aku jerit satu rumah. Streamyx not down also. The little icon blinking actively. Nobody's at home except for big ma and father. Alamatnya duduk macam itu, berkulatlah aku. After rolling on the bed for an hour, cannot tahan, crawled downstairs and take my PDA and called....
eldest sis... Come back, NOW! Memang now! They're just turning into the house. Then, keluar pergi jalan-jalan. Sungai Petani.... memang DEAD town. If I shift there and stay, bukan sahaja berkulat, malah menganggur. Boleh buka gerai jual cendawan dan anggur but no customers. Since Sunday is a schooling day, all 5 of us went to school to fetch my prince charming...
Baru first day of the schooling week, his white shirt and shoes all turn black... extremely black. Jatuh dalam toilet bowl arr? Last time my school shoes one month tak basuh still putih melepak. Ini menunjukkan I ni orang yang bersih. Suddenly, bro and I had the urge to eat roast duck. The only place selling the best and edible roast duck is down south. For the love of roast duck, bro drove us all from the north to the south... yummy!
Didn't want them to chop if not surely they'll take parts of the duck. So, brought it home and asked big ma to chop into pieces... big ma chopped, I pula makan terus on the spot...
I wonder whether we're celebrating Father's Day or celebrating me coming to visit? It's definitely all my favourite food... muahahhahaa.... I'm truly honoured to have all these..
Pacific Clams

Mushroom? *I don't want*
Ayam percik from Ayamas

Huge fish balls *I like but not my favourite*
Large XL prawns but too bad, it's not caught from the sea. These are reared in the sea. So, they don't taste as sweet as those prawns swimming freely in the sea. Thus, I didn't eat that many prawns this time round. Give me prawns that are sweet, aku boleh hentam sekali 2kg.
I don't eat pork but I definitely eat 'bak uan' and also 'bak kua'. Ironic, right?
Still, table too small. I like grandma's old house. Can fit in at least 30 tables or even more.
I'm always first to sit on the table and the last to leave. Slow eater not tham chiak. After dinner, terus buka gerai... no.. no.. don't get me wrong. We're not selling anything... we're just in for a few rounds of...RUMMY!!
I will never gamble with my own money. So, first round must win. It's always like that. During the last visit during Mother's Day, I won a miserable 10 cents. This time round, I didn't win anything but of course I didn't lose even a dime. I announced loud loud after the money I won finish, then I want to go home liao. Tepat-tepat 10p.m. my money memang habis. Next time should announce, after I empty all of your wallets, baru I balik... Cake-eating session now... Now, this one more like celebrating Father's Day. The cake survived the 45-minute journey...
For the two dads in the house... with their human accessories for photography session..
Papa... cut the cake, please. We're all salivating.. cakes from Eden, not bad.
The photo I like most... ta-da!! Family pic.. incomplete...yet still look perfect somehow...

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