Monday, June 29, 2009

There's No Barrier...

It was a lovely evening down at the beach. I was surprised when I saw my hut erected again. Earlier, the MPPP forced all of us to remove whatever structure that we have on the beach. Thus, the beachboys took down my hut or the MPPP workers will bulldoze it into nothing. Now that the authorities are too engross bickering in some other stuff, they're not bothered with the beach anymore. Anyway, Golden Beach Resort will not be complaining about us grabbing their watersports business as they will be going out of business in no time. Same goes to Lone Pine Hotel. The usual reason they gave - "Renovation". From that word "Renovation", you should understand that they mean changing management team and ownership. In simpler term, the present owner can't stand the financial loss anymore.
Again, I would like to stress that you do not have to be in complete beach attire to enjoy all the fun. I'll show you later how crazy I can be even with customers. Yes, there shouldn't be any barrier. I have met so many business people that they make themselves known to other people that they are the boss and they don't mingle around with other so-called 'normal' people. I think it shouldn't be that way. We're all humans. No hierachy. You boss, so what? Therefore, I always do it the different style. Make everyone feel comfortable and make the day an enjoyable and memorable one :)
At the Horse Fair, I did not have the chance to get upclose and personal with the horsie. But now at the beach, I have all the opportunity to do that. These are all thoroughbred but they're more like outcasts at the equestrian track. All the horses at the beach are from Australia and used to be race horses but they've hurt their legs pretty badly in races that they are no longer needed at the track. Love you, horsie!

Isn't that a lovely hut where you can sit and relax? There are a few more tables down at the beach. I sure have lots of stuff there. So, that's my second working place. My third working place is mobile - moving about - as long as there's Wifi. I'm planning to take Celcom Broadband so that I can work more efficiently. W1Max, build more towers please, so that the whole island can be connected with you, then I can upgrade the package I'm taking and carry the wireless modem everywhere, even keep myself connected at the beach. Erm... second thoughts, I don't think I want to be online at the beach. It will spoil all the fun :)
Okay, this is the beginning of the madness happening at the beach on Sunday. As I've said there's no barrier between boss and customers. I was included in their madness coz' I was the one who suggested the madness. They're more like old friends even though we've just met a while ago. Scroll down to enjoy "Madness @ The Beach"

Next, I'm contributing beach sand to GSC in Gurney.

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