Saturday, June 27, 2009

My Dear and I..

My daughter.. self-confessed as she called me mommy. I gave birth to her at the age of 9 but I don't remember having sex at all. Maybe I was too young at that time. Crazy, you all actually believe? Well, she's doing her work....
then I felt like having a pic with her...bonding between mother and daughter
but then she wanted another pic with me...
Then, her vain-self appeared and we started cam-whoring using her handphone.. there must be more than 100 pics we took within an hour, cameras flashing away using three handphones and my camera.

Then, we dragged another vain pot and it became unstoppable

I'll grab the rest of the photos from their friendster. I can't upload all. Just too many pics and dear has more beautiful pics in her handphone. Let's go somewhere else and cam-whore... it's so great to be with the teenagers. Who's crazier? I think all of us are equally as crazy.

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