Saturday, October 22, 2011

Caught By the Holiday Bugs...

Angry Birds~! We're two happy birds actually. Tweeting away from the nest. We were looking at stuff in the newly opened Mr. D.I.Y. But I don't see anything that I need to do it myself. This was taken in China. Everything is made in China, that you have to believe me. After going to China, we decided to come back via the long way. We had to cross our neighbouring country. We were in Thailand, sitting in the tuk tuk. It was a pleasant ride. As part of the country is under water now, we were relieved to find ourselves in dry land. We toot toot toot all the way back to Malaya. Meet these two gigantic workers. Other than ordering for the slave to carry the cement bullion, the supervisor had to carry my Betty Boop handbag. Well, he did enjoy himself. He got all the attention from us, a bevy of beautiful ladies. After stopping by the old Malaya, we decided to fly in to Barbados to have ice-creams. We were at Swensens and according to my coffee-drinking friends, the latte sux big time. Too diluted, taste horrible. Oh Swensen, can you do something about that? This time round we didn't travel on our own, I had my excess baggage tagging along with me. I brought my kids along. They're done with the end term exam so rightfully I shouldn't cage them and forced them to study for next year. I'm not such a ridiculous person. Oh, by the way, we were at Penang Times Square, 5 minutes away from my house. It's an action at the spur of the moment. Every Friday will be luncheon at my house. Thank God that I decided to clean the house after 10 years so at least now my friends got places to land their butts.

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