Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Spiritual Formation Course 2011

Now, I hardly flip the church bulletin and most of the time I don't bother to even grab one from the counter. That's because I do not want to waste the bulletin. I know that I will take one, glance through the news of what's taking place in the coming week or around the corner, bring it home and leave it on the table. Usually if there's any important news, the emcee will announce it before the sermon starts, after praise and worship. I was attracted to the Bible Study held before church service on Saturday. There's another Bible Study on Sunday morning which I will never be able to attend. So, I'm overjoy to see myself in the Saturday class. It's a 5-week lesson. This coming Saturday will be the last lesson. But again, I'm overjoy to see that there are two more courses that will last until the first week of January 2012. I would like to share a little about this World Christian Equip School programme. This is the first time I'm attending Bible Study. Usually I'll be the one sitting in front and teaching. Now, I'm studying. A 45-minute glimpse into the life of being a student again. This is the Inductive Bible Study conducted by Aafke Deviss, from Holland if I'm not mistaken. we're reading the book of Philippians. And being a procrastinator, I can't bring myself to prepare ahead of the lesson. The most I can do is reading a chapter while having my dinner. That's only 10 - 15 minutes at tops. The worst will be asking either my eldest or my precious to read the chapter out loud while I drive all of us to the church, weaving through the evening traffic in an area where the traffic is always heavy. Thank God by the time we're in the class I'm still able to contribute answers to questions and coming out with the summary for the whole chapter. But then, I realised that I have very poor concentration in a class. In that 45 minutes, my mind will wander elsewhere and when I 'came' back, I found that I've missed a chunk of information that I need to fill into the booklet. Thus, the empty blanks. I have the urge to copy the answer from the next person or the person behind me. There's no one in front of me as I'm sitting in front. I have always enjoyed sitting in front of the class since my schooling years. If I'm at the back, I'll definitely drift to Timbuktu the moment I placed my butt comfortably on the plastic chair. To my surprise, I find that most people do not have answers in their books as well. So I'm far better than anyone else. *giving meself a pat on the back* I really do enjoy the class and there are two more courses which will be conducted by Peter Tan, followed by Ps Heok Cheow. Both are very knowledgeable and I know I can benefit from them. I feel like sucking the information straight from their brains...

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