Friday, October 21, 2011

Museum of Glass...

The one and only kind of museum in this small little island called Penang Island in Malaysia. I've driven passed iBox many times. I remember this place for it has existed for quite a few years. Previously it was just a normal glass shop that only those who need glass work done to their houses will need to enter into this kinda place. Other people has no concern for this kinda place. I will have to admit that this is one brilliant idea to boost up one's business. By turning this place into a museum, it will attract locals and tourists of sorts. The moment I entered the place, I realized that everything was for sale. So, definitely this is a good idea to widen the prospective of sales and marketing. At least we found another place to visit when we have exhausted every single venue in this small little island. If iBox can show the steps of creating the masterpieces, it will attract more people. I remembered visiting a factory producing blow glass in Langkawi Island. That was one eye-opening experience. iBox has a wide range of glass. It would be really interesting to be able to see people at work. We have had a blast monkeying around. One minute we were standing in front of coloured and patterned glass panels. The next moment we were all behind the glasses with our head jutting out. We seriously hope that we didn't hear the sound 'PIANG'. That would be the sound of shattered glass. Thank God nothing of such happened when we were there. Each of us got ourselves a piece of decorative glass. I wrote my yellow piece of glass myself but in the end I asked Margaret, the lady in charge to decorate it for me. Gracie left us while we were busy with our art and craft work. Hmph~! Quickly take your piano exam and get it done with~!! Anyway, Museum of Glass is worth a visit. Go plan for the type of glass you want in your house. Redecorate your house. I will want a RM10 note in every small block of glass used to cover my wall.... just saying.

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