Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Twisted Body & A Birthday Bash...

I'm going to admit that I seriously do things differently. At my own pace, my own style and all of us are happy with that. Monday 24th October 2011, all of us celebrated Pork's birthday. That's not his real name just a name that I'm used to call and everyone followed suit. Actually there wasn't a birthday party. It was just that the birthday piggy said that he wanted to treat us to pizza on his birthday and I decided to cook birthday noodles since he doesn't like to eat a
birthday cake. I bought that cake because I was salivating all over to sink my teeth into cakes. Love the Belgian chocolate. Love the design especially the yellow polka dots.
Judz introduced me to cupcakes. I've never like cupcakes because most of them tasted like eating a clump of clay mixed with water and your whole mouth will be glued. And sometimes it was so dry you felt like you might choke and die on a mouthful of cupcake. Well, I have to say out loud that Judz knows my taste buds and she has great taste for really good food. Those cupcakes above were simply awesome. The Angry Birds printed on the sugar paper was really beautiful. I bought 20 for the fun of it. Mama fried some prawn crackers and made jelly. I did some fish fingers as well. Viola~! Suddenly there was a party with 16 people cramped into the house.
All of us who were playing games then cramped into the small room. I am not the party-ing type so my mind went blank if I were suppose to plan for party games. My kids will have to decide on games. They packed some Uno Stacko, Twisted and the Monkey game but in the end we were playing some ice breakers where we were asked to dance for a little if we were caught doing the wrong act. The Twisted was the best game for the nite. Even the boys were enjoying it.
Let me share with you the naked truth of the Twister game. Whoever invented this game is a genius, a brilliant genius. Whenever you play a game of Twister, you will be in a position where you're not in control of your position. You can shove your ass into someone's face but no one will be angry with you unless you farted into that person's face. Every player will compromise with each other so that they get into the position that they need to. You can have your whole body going under another person's body and that will never be considered as an obscene position. You see the good example above. Two girls with a guy sandwiched in between. That is not considered an indecent position because it was just a game. If it's not a game I would have given all 3 of them the lecture about indecent positions. *laughing away like a hyena* You can even put a hand below someone's ass. This is the coolest game and I've never regretted buying it.
Lastly, since it was a spontaneous birthday party, there were birthday presents bought at the very last minute as well. That's only the beginning. That happened on Monday, today is already Thursday. I know... I know... I'm very slow in updating but the thing is I don't really have the time to sit in front of the computer since I'm always out of the house since early in the morning.

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