Thursday, October 13, 2011

Mollusks Fever...

I've never really like cockles until recently. I do eat them from time to time but not to the point that I miss eating it and salivating all over thinking about the soft yet slightly crunchy feel in the mouth when I have my teeth all over the small body made of iron. Last Sunday, I've had a small basket shared among the important people in my lives around a round table. Then, the cravings started building up. By the way, that small basket cost RM4 and I thought it was really worth it because if I were to get them from the hypermarkets, the cockles were too small to enjoy. Yesterday, I went to the Anson Road Market to get some bean curds. A man was selling various types of mollusks at the entrance of the market, by the road side. I looked at the price of the cockles. It cost only RM3 for a kilo. That's really really cheap. So I bought RM5 of cockles and went back home happily with a plastic bag full of cockles. I bought something extra as well. I recognized them as the 'helicopters' which I've tasted before in seafood restaurants. It was RM10 per kilo and the uncle was so nice, he gave me around 1.3kg without charging extra. My pineapple will be really excite to see all these but then sad to say, my pineapple couldn't make it as her cousin just passed away so she has to attend the funeral. I just need to blanch the cockle in hot water then it's ready to be eaten while for the helicopters, I need to leave them in boiling water for 2 - 3 minutes. Some will puke looking at this. Some will be able to imagine how nice they tasted, dipped with Thai chilli sauce. A really good idea of choice food for tea time.

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