Thursday, October 06, 2011

Come Back to Me...

He's so young. He's only 5 years old but he left a month ago. I don't know what happen to him. Was he kidnapped? Was he dead or alive? I have no news about him at all. Oh, how I miss him so~! The last time I saw him, he's still in my grasp. I should have paid more attention to him then he would still be around. He has been with me for so many years, sticking with me through thick and thin. Although he's young, but he's brilliant in Maths. He helped me with addition, subtraction, multiplication, division and he could even managed to solve problems concerning squares, square roots, cubes and cube roots. He's perfect in logarithms as well. He even took part in my accounts and cheered silently when he saw the accounts being balanced perfectly. He is so innocent. Either he has died a premature death or someone must have wanted him badly to take him away from me. I'm so broken hearted. I can't make a police report. No one will hear me out. Bring him back to me if you find him. I haven't name him properly as well. And come to think about it, I only have one photo of him. His actual name is fx-991ms. How dreadful is that to have a few alphabets and numbers to your name. What are you thinking? Of course I'm talking about my mysteriously missing scientific calculator. It's like missing a limb without it.

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