Saturday, October 22, 2011

Ladies' Day Out...

You must be wondering which country we went to. We were in Ireland but we stopped by for a few minutes only to snap some photos as proof that we did go to the place. It is a good thing that I know how to set the timer in my camera. Or else we wouldn't have such wonderful photos with everyone in the photo but with no one holding onto the camera. After spending some time in Ireland, we went to India. We performed a number of Bollywood dances, appearing from behind the palm tree, disappeared into thin air, reappeared among the bushes then we gathered around and danced in circles, twirling about and moving at the tempo of the wind. By the way there wasn't any wind blowing at that time. So it's more like dancing with elephant legs, stomping around. But we are one lot of extremely talented people. We are able to come out with anything in a split second. We felt that we've spent much time in India, so we teleported ourselves to England. Since we have spent so much on transportation, travelling by air, we had no choice but to share a rather small but creamily cheesy red velvet cupcake. I wished we could have more but our stomach were so bloated with air, we just have enough space to have a few spoonful of cupcake. I seriously had a great time in England. I love this photo of mine out of so many photos. Firstly, I really love my long, wavy black hair. At times I would have bad hair day where it twirled and curled at ridiculous angle, but I'm still loving my black and brown hair. I love my face as well. Most importantly, I fall in love with my own legs. After working out for hours, I really love those legs of mine. I'm obsessed with my own legs. I'm gonna kiss my leg before I go to bed. My legs took me to a lot of places. All of a sudden, we felt that we have spent too much time in England. Judz and Rosalind needed their coffee break. We went to Brazil for the best coffee beans and also for the best chocolate drink. I don't know why but coffee is my greatest enemy. It's not that I dislike coffee but I feel that the coffee dislikes me. It's always so very bitter in my mouth. It's okay. I survive on chocolate. If you would have realized, Gracie was not with us. She walked away from us and decided to be with Beethoven and dissolved herself in the presence of Armadeus Wolfgang Mozart. In the end, we dropped her in Vienna where she found Johann Strauss. We travelled very fast because I need to work next. I'm always enjoying myself but I still have a job to go back to. Isn't that nice? We came back to Malaysia after hopping around the globe. Do you seriously believe in everything that I just wrote? I'm just kidding... chill~! You can't be doing serious writing all the while. I'm not a journalist. I'm a story teller.

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