Friday, October 21, 2011

Trot Trot...

Last Thursday, we had a great time walking around Pulau Tikus market, a marketplace for the rich. The price difference compared to other markets down south is as wide as the difference between the earth and the sky....nah... I'm just exaggerating. Gracie, what on earth are you doing? Why are you snapping photos when we stay here, right in the heart of town? People might think that you're insane. Hehehee... a pot calling a kettle black. I was doing what she did only 10 times worse. If I wasn't busy clicking on my camera I wouldn't have snapped this priceless snapshot :D I don't really like the humid weather in our country and walking around the market place with such hot weather, it's really uncomfortable. My clothes were glued to my body. I met Gracie's mom for the first time. She is one very cool and modern lady. AAAHHHHHHHHHHHH~~!!!!! Frogs~!!!! They're jumping~!!!! AAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH~!!!! *huff puff huff puff* The only time I've seen live frogs was when I was in Singapore. All the time I only see dead and skinned frogs ready for my favourite gong bo fried frogs. But that was different. And the live frogs were so expensive and so small in size. We zoomed away at the speed of lightning after hearing the price. 3 mini frogs for RM50 how to eat? After cooking the frogs, the flesh will shrink then it won't be enough for even myself what more when we need to share... each one sucking on one frog's bony leg? Ridiculous... I think we should learn how to catch frogs so that can be our next activity... frog-catching outing. We went to Subway in Queensbay for some quite bite using the buy 1 free 1 coupon that came together on the front page of the Star newspaper. Subway must have been short of staff. The place was not even cleaned up. Disgusting. At least provide a large rubbish bin and write SELF-SERVICE signboard requesting patrons to bring their own trash to the rubbish bin and providing table cloth, I would have happily help them to wipe the tables. I guess I don't know how to enjoy chewing on sandwich so huge that one bite sent everything flying out from the rear end of the sandwich. We were two messy cats eating our sandwiches but we had a great time together :D

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