Monday, October 31, 2011

As The Sun Rises...

Someone actually said that my sun rises from the west. That is because I've never seen a sunrise before, waking up when the sun is already moving way ahead. Last Tuesday, I made it a point to wake up at 6 a.m. and went to Gurney Drive with my pyjamas on. I caught the sunrise just a few minutes after settling down on the comfortable tiled sidewalk. Patience... I have none. I tried my best to keep myself entertained. I'm not the type who sits quietly in one corner. Once I'm awake, I'll be doing something. But there... there... I had to sit quietly, stopping myself from jumping into the quiet and calm sea. No joke~! Sitting down quietly requires a large amount of discipline. After 30 minutes, I can see myself climbing up and down and over the edge. I was all over the place. The two big clouds didn't give me a clear shot of the sun. That's the most perfect shot I could get. Since I was already there, I snapped more photos to my heart's content. I played with the functions, the light exposure and all sorts of nonsense. I'm not a professional photographer neither do I carry a camera with the lens the length of a sniper gun. I think there's enough proof to show that I really did take the sunrise shots. I was starting to get really impatient and agitated, thus I walked along the shoreline. Suddenly, I saw a man in the sea. He was walking towards and into the sea. Was he gonna kill himself? Then, all of a sudden, he threw out his fishing net. That was really professional of him. I would have covered myself in the net and wouldn't know from which end to escape from. He's not a local here. He's a Bangladeshi with his another fellow friend, waiting faithfully by the seaside with a black plastic bag. Not even a proper pail to fill up the day's catch. He was really blessed with all the fish. Everytime he threw the net into the sea, he cast out so much that I would have kept the fish in the freezer and finished them up in a few days' time. I wonder when my friends and I will be going for a fishing trip that way... one walking into the sea, the others waiting with plastic bags.

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