Friday, October 21, 2011

Where Is Thy Compassion?

Sign up with YouTube. You'll have to be 18 years old and above to watch this. It's not a movie. It's not just a show to make you feel angry and hate those who did this. It's an eye-opener to how cold the heart of society in China is today. Is it because they were taught to behave in such a way? Or were they just ignorant because they only care for themselves? Read the full length of the news by clickin this... --> NEWS

Seriously, to those who walked passed by her, WHERE ARE YOUR COMPASSION? Eaten by rabid dogs? To the lorry driver who had all the wheels went rolling on her body, have you a heart of stone? Your heart has been eaten by the vultures? To the second lorry driver, were you in such a hurry that you didn't see anything on the road? How cruel can this be? If that happens to your child, do you expect everyone to do this as well? What have your religions taught you? Nothing? Then, what with all the praying to all sorts of gods, burning incense by the roadsides, seeking for wealth, seeking for good health but you forget to ask for a human heart? How cold-blooded were these people? How cold-blooded is the nation of China? Definitely not everyone is heartless, but when you have this kinda video circulating around the world, it just tainted the whole nation. Heartless people... completely heartless... I bet if my dog can use a phone and call for an ambulance, even my dog will go to the street to help.

No one should be treated in such a way let alont a 2 years old toddler. Even if a totally grown adult is hit and ran over by a truck, the pain would be so terrible that instead of succumbing to the injuries, you would have died of a heart attack. You don't have to touch the injured child to prevent yourself from being blamed for causing more injuries, just get your mobile phone out or go to the nearest phone booth or flag down anyone and ask to borrow a phone. Call that damn ambulance, is that so hard? You can call for an ambulance while walking away. Or those in the video are completely brainless people? They were not taught how to use the phone to make a simple emergency phone call? Heart of stones...

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