Sunday, December 18, 2011

And I Bounced Away...

It was the night when the lunar eclipse occurred that I dragged my luggage on the uneven concrete floor of the jetty. Judz and Gracie had just dropped us off and sent us away with a prayer. A journey without Jesus would be an unfruitful one. In all my travels, God showed me how He is able to answer prayers in a split second and how before I even finished my sentence, He already knew what I wanted but at times He just wanted to hear our voice, talking to him, not begging him. He wanted to know that we needed Him no matter where we are or how much fun we are having. He wanted to be a part of us, He's interested in everything that we do from the moment we open our eyes from deep slumber. This was my first trip where I planned everything to the dot. I even printed out the information on how to go to those places so I would not have to waste my time looking around like a lost deer in a concrete jungle. I'll always thank Pinky for teaching me how to take the train, which coloured line to go to, which platform to wait at and how to cut across to a different train to save cost. I'm forever grateful to her for teaching me all these. In this trip, we have no trouble at all. I chose the longest way to travel to Kuala Lumpur. It was just a 45-minute flight or merely 4 to 5 hours of drift racing on the highway but I'm not one who does things like everybody else. I wanted a relaxing way of travelling. No driving please. I dislike driving. Most importantly, I have my excess baggage...*ahem ahem* I mean my kids were travelling with me so I wanted them to experience the different mode of transportation that we were all fortunate to have in this developing country of ours. They're growing up fast and will be leaving the nest before long, so I just want to make sure that they can survive no matter where they are. We took the ferry across to the mainland. From there onwards, we started wailing looking at the long distance that we had to cover on foot. See how dark it was. That was the route to the train station that we had to take. It was so dark I felt that it was rather dangerous if one were to walk alone. Scream all you want, if anything happens to you, nobody will come forward to help you. There was practically no one there and since we had a couple of hours ahead of us before the train arrived, we seemed to own the whole road. We were taking photos in the middle of the road. We lined our luggage in parallel so if there was any soul who wanted to walk up the flyover, that person would have to shift our luggage away. The flight of stairs were endless. The flight of stairs heading downwards was killing us. We haven't even reach Kuala Lumpur and we were already sweating like pigs. I'm not one who will sit still and this time round, I decided not to bring any books with me. I just want to do nothing but it looked like I fail to sit quietly and stare into nothingness. I was busy fiddling with my camera and making my excess baggage my models. We were having a great a few minutes monkeying around on the track when the officer seated in the air-conditioned office decided to yell at us from his window. Good yelling~! We walked into the cool waiting area and tried sitting down and stared into the dark lonely sky, the moon has been covered by the clouds. My precious was smart enough to bring her Nintendo to kill her boredom. I was playing with Cooking Mama but got bored with it after making some pizza, muffin and cooking around according to the screen instruction. I was clicking away with my camera once again. Before I even entered the train, I had more than 200 photos in the memory card. Cam-whoring again in the upper bunk. I was in the first class coach without realizing that it wasn't what I paid for. I paid for the Premier Deluxe Coach which de-railed a few months back. The first train conductor who punched our tickets never mentioned anything about us being in a lower class coach but God is good, He sent another officer to inform us about the compensation that we could collect for being in a lower class coach. It's like getting paid for being on a train. This wasn't my first time travelling by train. My third time to be exact. I went over to check on my kids who were at the sleeping second class bunk while I needed the first class one to put all the luggage in. We started boarding the train at 10:15 p.m. but the train only started to chug along the old railway track at 11p.m. sharp... no delay... We were supposed to reach KL Sentral at 6:40 a.m. The two previous trips when I boarded the train, it reached exactly at 6:40a.m. I even asked the kids to set their phone alarm at 6 a.m. so they could walk over to our coach and clean themselves up for we would not be checking into the hotel until late at night. 6:40 a.m. came and went away we hadn't even reach Rawang. All 5 of us ended up sitting in a lazy position while looking out of the window. We saw the oil palm plantation which would be visible from an airplane, we saw the attap houses along the tracks, we saw the dirty parts of Selangor, hidden from the eyes of tourists unless they board the train and stared out of the window when the sun just started to greet you. Finally, we arrived in one piece, but we were sleepy. It was a disturbed sleep so it was not a pleasant one. The moment I felt like I was floating into dreamland, I was jerked awake again by the sudden pull of the train. Then at some parts it was shaking from left to right, then it was chugging away. For a deep sleeper like I am, usually nothing can wake me up but this was different. It was like a continuous aftershocks. We were 80 minutes late which was God's timing as well because if we were to reach at 6:40 a.m. you would see me loitering around the empty street of Kuala Lumpur with 4 people behind me, following after my footsteps.

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