Tuesday, December 20, 2011

KL Tower...

Let me share with you a true even so true only God is able to make it happen. We had to walk from the National Planetarium to KL Sentral to run after the next monorail to Bukit Nanas. That's the stop that will bring us to the Kuala Lumpur Tower. I was leading the other four musketeers but I came to a dead end. We went crossed the National Museum but from then forth I was completely lost as I didn't see any overhead bridge to cross the road and jaywalking in the big city is an offense. Suddenly, two Indonesian ladies appeared out of nowhere, crossed the road and started walking slowly towards the direction that I know KL Sentral was situated. I followed after them. I was following rather closely to recognize their tone of conversation as Indonesians. See how great God is. He was able to pluck people out of nowhere to show us the way so that we would not get lost. The ladies brought us right into KL Sentral. From the Bukit Nanas monorail stop to the tower was one horrible walk. Walk straight and straight took forever to reach the second junction on the right. Thank God there was a shuttle to bring us up or else we would be doing Spiderman crawls on the tar road. We were so delighted to see the shuttle van that when he stopped in front of us, we opened the door in glee and thanked him profusely for coming on time before we collapsed at the guard house. We reached an hour before sunset as my ultimate goal was to capture the sunset from the tower. Sad to say, it did not happen as I've planned. The clouds were covering the sun and I had no intention to take on other activities held at the tower. I bought the RM35 Combo-XD that covered only two items. One was the observation deck and the other was the XD-Theatre, watching a 6D stimulation for only 5 minutes costing RM18 per person. So that made the observation deck fee at RM17. The 6D stimulation was good. We had the Canyon Coaster stimulation. You'll have to be sitting in it to experience the effect of sitting in the roller coaster knowing that you're safe and you won't be hurt in the event if the roller coaster went off-course. I went around taking photos of the view of Kuala Lumpur city before night fall. It was all about skyscrapers and more skyscrapers. Kuala Lumpur is always building and forever building. That's why Malaysia is called a developing nation. We're always trying to develop something new. Try to build something more gigantic. After snapping a picture of myself, I was shocked to see that I've got sunburned all over. I guess I'm a candle princess *puteri lilin* Looks like my skin can't stand too much sunlight no doubt I do love the outdoors but I always get sunburned while others were just normally fine. We were resting at the seats at the observation deck while waiting for the sun to set. Since there's no sunset then I changed to plan B, that's taking in the night view of the busy city. There was a radio set where you get to listen about the development of Malaysia, the introduction to all the tourist destination, that listening aid can be switched to multiple languages. I couldn't understand a word of the Chinese translation. There goes trying to understand something in Chinese properly. I wasn't even paying attention to the English explanation. Looks like I seriously don't enjoy this kinda talking tour. Usually I don't listen at all, I'm just interested with what I see, I prefer reading the small print rather than listening to someone blabbing away in a monotone. The sun finally set around 7:30pm and I was in a snapping frenzy with the night view. It wasn't as bright as Melbourne but it was alright. I was happy with what I captured. I got the Petronas Twin Towers as well. The photos were clear, so I was a happy person that night. We snapped around for a few more minutes, made sure our legs were good to do more walking then headed down. I truly enjoy the night view compared to the broad daylight view. No regrets walking all the way here but definitely there won't be a next time. I don't know why some people like some places and will always go there again and again. I prefer going to one place once only then put my feet in some new places that I haven't explore.

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