Sunday, December 04, 2011

My Pineapple's 14th Birthday...

The last birthday party that I'm going to hold. Of course I'll still buy the birthday cakes until I learn how to make one... muahahahah... Wrong choice of venue. I thought it would be fun but the choices were so limited. A few slices of this and that. Can't even fill up half of our stomach. And look at that girl with the smartphone. This is the social problem of having smartphones. You can't sit down and mingle around with other people on the same table because you're busy trying to update your Twitter or Facebook status. Since the place is rigged with Wifi, then you can find people busy uploading photos into their Facebook account or Instagram or whatever nonsense. Keep that phone please... muahahaha... that's Gracie... I don't mind her updating her Facebook because her Facebook is so dead~! I don't even mind her blogging on the dining table... but if it's my kids, they should know better to put away the phones and ALL sorts of electronic gadgets from the dining table or else it will be smashed into smithereens. The plates were humongous but the main dish... too little... not enough not enough... I ordered quite a lot... almost all of their main courses... seafood set, family deluxe set and chicken set but ... but.. why still not enough? Should have gone to Seoul Garden, eat all you can, but I've been there too many times. Cook... cook... *stomach growling* Hungry... cook faster la... Cook... cook~! Cook already? I dunno... turned colour means cook already la :D Next year I'll do major cookouts for anybody's birthday. That way, we can eat as much as we like... unless I can find other worth going places... we ended up at the hawker centre after eating at Bar-B-Q Plaza.

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