Monday, December 26, 2011

Asia's Best Attraction... My Ass...

The earlier posts where I was roaming around Kuala Lumpur, hopping around at the National Monument, monkey-ing all over the Perdana Botanical Garden, experienced my first lying down theatre at the National Planetarium, gawking at the nite view of Kuala Lumpur from the KL Tower, chugging along the way in a double decker bus, sweating like a pig at Petaling Street, strolling under the drizzle along BintangWalk and finally having our dinner at Jalan Alor. We did that in one day starting from 8 a.m. and ending the day at midnite. A whole long day of walking just on the first day. Like me to be your tour guide? It will be worth your every single cent if I'm to be your tour guide. Travel cheap and fast without any hiccups. The second day was different. We went to one single place only. You must think I'm crazy if I were to tell you that I left the hotel at night, sleeping the whole day through. Nah... just not my style to spend my holiday sleeping away in any hotels no matter how posh the place is. Ain't that beautiful? Asia's best attraction... looks like a lit up palace, don't ya think so? The happiest moment of my whole journey sounded a little bit silly. My happiest moment didn't come when I was shopping around, grabbing at those clothes like they're free neither was it my happiest moment when I could finally crossed away all the places that I've planned to visit. The happiest moment came in the morning of the second day. We were heading towards Kelana Jaya, taking the blue line, stopping at the last stop. I was leading as usual, but of course Jesus led the whole way through. He seriously knew when I wanted my moment. I stepped into the commuter and the door slammed shut. Looking at my kids faces were priceless. I should have taken a snapshot of those frozen 'O' of their mouth. Completely shocked. Dumb-founded. Speechless. The train zoomed off and it finally dawned upon me that I have my wish... that's to travel alone with nobody bugging me or asking where we were, when were we gonna stop and so on and so forth. Peace... and I started cam-whoring in the almost empty train. I did take my mobile out and told them to hop onto the next train and get down at the last stop. Those few minutes of being alone was so refreshing. Oh, yeah... Asia's Best Attraction... we spent slightly above RM800 at Sunway Lagoon. Asia's Best Attraction... my ass~! My foot~!! Oh, puhleez... I salute to the team who did the costing. Brilliant~! Very brilliant~! Let me tell you something... the whole place was totally so NOT worth it. The queue just to purchase the tickets ate up 1.5 hours and the package for the entrance, I hate it so~!! Amusement Park, Water Park and what's the other one? Addition of Extreme Park which comes together with Wildlife Park... I don't need Wildlife Park... I would rather kiss a tiger than walk around looking at parrots and other small animals. The lions looked like they were bored of being display caged animals. The queue for flying fox was 2 solid hours and I missed riding on the ATV due to shortage of time and the Bangladeshi in charge refused to let us ride because there was another group waiting and it was before closing hours. Smart of Sunway Lagoon not to extend their closing hours. Even Universal Studios in Singapore extended their closing hours to make the holidaymakers happy. I seriously hate Sunway Lagoon and compared to 13 years ago, the rides and the splashed were way much better than those around now. All those splashes were so lame. No photos... we were all doing marathon trying to get from one point to another, queueing up and lugging our rubber tubes up the horrible staircase just for a few seconds of satisfaction. Cameras were kept in the freaking expensive lockers, RM5 once you open the lockers... Sunway Lagoon is seriously one gold mine where at every corner they earn money. They started earning money the moment you stepped up to the ticketing counter. I didn't really wanna go there but the kids have never been there before... see I'm not so bad after all, right? Give me a few minutes of pleasure of being alone, I give you the whole day of happiness. The only thing worth going to was watching the West End Production, Aladdin. God is good, really good, awesomely good to us. My precious' old schoolmate called up one day before we left for KL, she said that she had 4 tickets to Aladdin. She sold it to us at RM20 for one when the blue zone ticket actually cost RM200 per person. We were short of one ticket so we purchased another at half price. If the drama team in this Northern region can produce a stage play as good as this in PenangPAC, then I don't mind paying. PenangPAC lacks of everything. The free dramas that I've been watching were giving us negative impacts. But look at this... cool... way too cool... no regrets watching this at only 10% of the normal price. God knows how to end my day in the most awesome way. Sorry, one photo only.. I do have a few more but you'll have to go watch it yourself only then you can capture the magic of Aladdin. The genie was really cool and the drama was a contemporary one, not the original Aladdin.

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