Saturday, December 24, 2011

Bintang Walk...

You see, I've been squeezing my mind and figuring out when we could make it for the Bintang Walk, walking along the row of shophouses on both sides, that means finishing on one side, crossed the road jammed with non-moving vehicles then walked all the way up again back to our place in Jalan Alor. Indeed, God planned far ahead than what I had in mind. From Petaling Street, I planned to take either the red line or blue line and then cut across to the monorail station back to Bukit Bintang. Instead of heading up the stairs to get the train tickets, I went to Rapid bus counter and asked about the bus heading towards Bukit Bintang. It was U48 and right smacked in front of us, the bus was waiting for us. It cost us only RM1 per person compared to the train ticket which would have been double the bus fare. The bus driver dropped us at the end of the Bintang Walk. So, we actually had the chance to walk along the shops. There were so many shops and we walked passed Federal Hotel, the hotel which I used to stay. No regrets for not going back to Federal Hotel. I don't see why I should stay in expensive hotels when I'll only be in the hotel room for a few hours of sleep. Other than that, I wouldn't be around. I can't understand people who hide in the hotel rooms when they've spent so much for the holiday. Well, in my opinion, if you don't intend to go anywhere, then you shouldn't be visiting a city centre, insted you should choose to be in an isolated island with nowhere to go to and nothing to do except sipping your fruit cocktail while soaking in the warmth of the sunshine. There were too many reflexology centres which made me think whether they were genuinely doing their business or whether they were doing something else. Oh, please... I don't need foot reflexology, trust me... you touch my foot, I'll send you flying 10 blocks away from where you're seating. You'll fly through the walls. I think that's the very reason why I can't go for spas. I have a 'DO NOT TOUCH' sign written all over. Out of so many shops, we were only attracted to one, that's the Tiny Toon's shop and I was also attracted to the shop next to it. I saw a luggage that I really wanted. Got the price slashed to half but I only made the purchase 5 days later. We were fascinated by a simple stall selling keychains curled from aluminium wires. This is the one I mentioned earlier in the Sri Petaling post. Of course, no photography allowed but for the first time, I was courteous enough to ask for permission to snap a photo. She agreed because I ordered a lot of keychains. She allowed only 1 photo, so this is the only one that I have. If you ever go to Bukit Bintang, look for her. Her name is Lim... same surname as my Donkey's and mine... muahahaha... and eventhough you'll be seeing other stalls selling the same thing and making names, she has a neater way of doing things. I like hers... and when I say she's good, she's really really good. Hers is slightly more expensive but it's handicraft, one shouldn't bargain for a lower price when you're able to see how hard it is to do. Shame on those who bargain with a handicap person, dependant on their hands for a bowl of rice. They don't go around begging so what is RM10 to you? I was waiting for her to finish doing all of our names. I waited for an hour or so while others started gathering in front of her stall to see what was going on. A lady with 3 children bargained and complained about the designs from the moment I sat there waiting until I walked away... an hour later... she purchased only 1 or 2 small items. What an example to show to 3 young children on humanity.

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