Thursday, December 29, 2011

My One Week of City Life...

At two in the morning, the city was still very lively. Love and I went out at two in the morning in search of drinking water. We were so thirsty and the electric jug in the hotel room couldn't serve us well. We wanted cold water not boiling hot water. We went to the nearest mart opened round the clock. The first thing we looked for was the 5-litre mineral water which we found the moment we stepped into the mart. Looks like we were not the only people searching for drinking water that's why all the drinking were placed right at the entrance. We were kinda surprised to see the hawkers still clinking and clanking away, frying noodles and rice and coming up with piping hot dishes for the hungry patrons. I wonder what kinda meal were they having... early morning breakfast or late nite supper. Oh, well we took our dinner around midnite every day due to unforeseen circumstances. Since there were so many things sold at the mart, we went back and woke the kids up. They were on their way to dreamland until I told them we could go and buy ice-creams. They jumped out of bed immediately. There was another that I bought for our lunch. Sad right? Everyday we had only bread with tuna for lunch. We couldn't afford to eat anything fanciful until we got back to Jalan Alor for the hawker food. We save and cringed because we prefer shopping than fancy dining. We even cancelled our plan to ride on the roller coasted in Berjaya Times Square. We would rather spend the money on clothes and more clothes. And my tofu skin gave me trouble on the first day itself. I should have gone there barefooted or wrapped my feet with plastic bags. Nothing I wear can give comfort to my skin. *sigh* Do you know that if you stay in Seasons View Hotel in Jalan Alor, Bukit Bintang, your daily breakfast would be dining at the next door Old Town? *jealous* We had to hunt for breakfast along the street and mostly would be opened for dinner only. We made do with whatever that was available.

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