Sunday, December 04, 2011

Robbed of RM10

My precious and my pineapple have been pestering me to bring them to Crepe Cottage. I have no idea where the place is. It's along Gurney Drive but with the word 'cottage' I was hoping to see some English or Victorian cottage but I could find none until my precious posted a blog entry by one of the food bloggers on my Facebook wall. Ahh... that's not hard to find in fact, I've driven passed the place numerous times. The 'cottage' isn't any kind of cottage that I can think of. It's a Malay-style kampung house. Why not just name is Crepe Hut or Crepe Village? Anyway, I made a trip there to try it out first. I was surprised to hear that the place has existed since 10 years ago. I bet I'm one ignorant person who doesn't keep herself updated enough. The place was quite small and hubby and I had a hard time deciding on what to try out. There were just crepe and pancakes with different fillings and toppings. We ended up with this one. A thin crepe with two small scoops of vanilla ice-cream when I precisely said I wanted chocolate ice-cream, slices of banana, some nuts, chocolate sauce, a little bit of whip cream and that's it RM10... that's freaking expensive. I can buy a whole comb of banana and a box of ice-cream and get more stuff with the same amount. I guess when you know how to cook you just don't find the pricing out the amusing. It's cut-throat expensive for dessert.

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