Thursday, December 29, 2011

Ice-Skating... Boring~!!

On the third day, that was Tuesday, our battery level was running at dangerously low. But the kids were excited when I told them I was gonna take them ice-skating. It was their first time trying on ice-skating whereas I was already bored with going in circles. I preferred walking around Sunway Pyramid with my love. We used the same kind of transportation, cheap yet efficient, monorail, commuter and bus. Each person had to pay RM23 per entry for the ice-skating. I was quite worried whether the 3 would be able to ice-skate or not. They have in-line skating skills but ice-skating would be slightly different. In the end, I paid and went to see how there were doing. They were doing great but my feet hurt so much as the skates were seriously very uncomfortable and I started to have blisters everywhere. I couldn't afford to have blisters on the third day of my holiday. Seriously can't live with that. I skated for a few rounds then that's it, I was out after our picnic lunch at the waiting area while waiting for them to polish up the skating rink. Frankly speaking, I found no joy skating in Sunway Pyramid. It was congested with people and the most you could do was practice your skill against colliding with anyone or skating across someone's fingers. A little boy fell in front of me and I almost went over him and with my weight and size, I could easily turned him into a pancake. Thus, I made my way to the exit. Money wasted... After an hour, all my kids can't wait to get out of the place. They feet hurt as well and my precious had a cut on one of her feet. Our battery level by then was about to be negative, we could hardly walk about and there wasn't much to see at Sunway Pyramid. We decided to take a bus and went to get our train back. I was actually thinking of going back to the hotel at 4 p.m. and have a proper sleep until the next day. *sigh* Crossing the road was difficult as well. Flyover. I've never used any flyover as the stairs were just too much but in large cities, without flyovers, you would end up in pieces with one limb on the other side and another under the moving vehicle and contribute to a massive traffic. We actually saw a bus coming our way and we went flying down the stairs and jumped over the railing to get to the bus. No bus stop across the road but the bus still stopped there. What a way to run after a public bus. Thank God I'm still agile enough to jump over railings... It started to rain heavily after that. Dear Jesus, right timing again. If we dragged our time in Sunway, we would be drenched. We were safely and securely sheltered in the bus. The traffic was building up and with the rain, it made matter worse. We were caught in a jam for almost an hour and for the whole hour, the four of them were snoring away in the bus like pigs. I wanted so much to shut my eyes but I had to keep watch so I stayed awake the whole journey. And when we reached KL Sentral to take the monorail back, I told them my suggestion to go back to the hotel to have proper rest and continue the next day, my precious was so horrified with my idea that she objected and wouldn't mind starting an argument with me in the middle of the road. All four of them were wide awake, fresh and my precious and youngest were so eager to go shopping. Gosh... and I dragged my feet and moved forward...

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