Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Jehovah Rapha: Lord Our Healer...

If you've been following my blogposts, you will know that I'm suffering from the Carpal Tunnel Syndrome due to excessive reading. Reading books as thick as 700++ pages, holding the book without letting it go for more than 5 hours, hardly moving at all, that's how I read when I'm into a book, I can't come out of it. I'm totally 'IN' the book. But after having deadly electrifying pain in both wrists, I'm in real trouble. I can't even hold a book and keep it open, can't even hold a pan properly, I actually spilt a whole big pan of boiling oil all over the kitchen. Thank God I didn't pour the boiling oil on myself. Then, I can't write but I still have to write but after that I'll have to endure the excruciating pain for hours on end. In conclusion, I can't live without my hands. I think everyone understands that.

Last Sunday, Pastor Kevin who is with the YWAM of Penang currently, came to preach for the second time in FGA during the Saturday nite service. At the end of the service, I went forward to have him pray for healing over my wrists. Amen and giving the highest praise to Jesus the healer, there's no more pain in both my wrists. I can twist and turn and start reading again :D This is my first time experiencing healing on the spot. But it's definitely not my first time experiencing miracles.

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