Friday, December 09, 2011

Christmas Is Here..

Let it snow... let is snow... let is snow...Hohoho~! A lighted Christmas tree. And everyone invited actually stood around the tree to witness the lighting up of a tree... just by a click of the switch and yet we were stupifyingly excited and in a snapping frenzy. Vistana Hotel took the initiative to create the atmosphere of Christmas where snow fall from the sky... no... not from the sky, but from one of the 4th floor room... am I spoiling the Christmas mood? Ooopppsss... sorry... Gracie received an invitation by Vistana Hotel, Penang to attend the hotel's Christmas Celebration. Then, Gracie extended the invitation to us. Then, we were happily weaving among other visitors, grabbing food from the waitors and waitresses who walked around with two heavy plates on both palms. The food was superb. We were not even given a chair to sit on. We had to stand on both of our feet from the beginning till the end. It started at 6:30p.m. and ended at 8:30p.m. *phew* Just two hours of standing. There was a band of carollers... is there such a collective noun? A group of carollers? Yeah, I think that's better. They were singing a few carols and then all of us were asked to join in with the singing. Sad to say, nobody participated. Now, I have a feeling Malaysians are passive people. So NOT cool~!! Oh, Santa~! Where's the sleigh? Where's Rudolph? And where's the large belly? None at all... so I tried to rob Santa but his green bag wasn't filled with presents. They were just candies... *boo hoo hoo* Anyway, I love the food prepared by the chefs at Vistana. Thank you for such delicious food... *finger lickin' good*

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