Friday, December 23, 2011

Petaling Street...

That's Chinatown... I've been to Singapore's Chinatown but never to Melbourne's Chinatown as my brother wouldn't allow me to walk there on my own. Now.. now.. Petaling Street wasn't really along our way, it was actually too far out and we had to change from monorail to commuter to get there. We were dreading the walk from the KL Tower back to the Bukit Nanas Monorail station. That was one horrible walk that we wished we didn't have to do. We walked back to the place where the shuttle van would take us to the guard house. Instead, a double-decker bus came. I thought the bus came for us but not so, the bus came to fetch the four Westerners as they have bought the hop-on-hop-off city tour for the whole day and I had no idea such tour existed. I'm very sure God softened the bus driver's heart. He agreed to drop us at Chinatown at just RM2 per head. Petaling Street was such a busy place selling counterfeit goods. Counterfeit or rejected goods? Counterfeit sounds rather harsh. They sell imitation goods.... how does that sound? Better? They can't be selling original branded clothes and bags at such dirt cheap price. The place was too crowded and I never like crowded area. I bargained down a Starbucks Coffee t-shirt for my precious. I'm a pro in bargaining down prices. We walked for awhile more. I found something rather interesting. But not allowed to snap a photo. But I did get a photo after that... :D with permission of course... but I'll show it in another post coz I got it in somewhere else. There were so many stalls but we were hunting for a drinks stall to quench our thirst. We could gulp the whole barrel of ice water. Thank God for the slight drizzle. We walked away from the crowded place in search for food next. We were there for about less than half an hour I think. Got to look around but I'm seriously not a fan of this kinda place. Oi, uncle~! How to sit like this? Chair also under the table. Table so near to next two tables. But it's ok lah... can shift about but can I have my food now? As in NOW?

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