Tuesday, December 20, 2011

The National Planetarium...

After walking endlessly with all the stairs, we had to walk further before we reach the Planetarium. Finally, we were there. And looking at the steps before we reached the main building, we were about to strangle the person who suggested and insisted to come to this place. Arrgghhh~!!! More steps. Our legs were coming out with signals 'LOW BATTERY' or even worse 'NO BATTERY'. We took a few pic, took a deep breath and then ran up the stairs. We couldn't walk up as it would be too torturous, so we decided to make a sprint up the horrible blue stairs. As I've mentioned before, I have no interest in Science, thus I didn't snap that many photos. There was nothing that could stir up my interest except for things that I can turned into interesting photography sessions. I touched at almost everything touchable, clickable and pressing buttons for the fun of it. The entrance fee was only RM1 and if you wanted to watch the movie, it would be only RM3 inclusive of entrance. We opted for two movies so we paid RM6 each. I like the movie theatre as you would have to lie down, in a half sit and half sleep position and the movie would be screened above your head. The canvas sheet was on the ceiling. The first movie was nice but the second one was such a bore we feel asleep in the comfortable seats. Good rest, we went up to the observation tower next. Oh, that's my next destination. Let's go~! Move move move~! Start walking... complain complain... no more excess baggage tagging along next time :D

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