Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Bungee Jump...

My main priority of things to do in Sunway Lagoon was doing the bungee jump. The jump was not included in the parks main entrance, it was under the pay per ride same as the G-Force. I didn't upload the video of G-Force because after uploading this bungee jumping video, I almost whacked the whole computer into smithereens. It took such a long time to upload to Facebook and Youtube. It took forever to upload straight into Blogger.

One jump cost RM75... I don't remember anything that I learnt in Physics. For two bloody years in secondary school, I couldn't remember a single thing. The length of the rope which makes up the distance of the jump was way too short to do anything funny while jumping away. There wasn't any other people jumping except for the 3 of us. I went first, hyped up until I was make to sit and they slowly tied my legs. The slowness cost me to start shaking like a leaf. I'm not afraid of height but I've never tried jumping off a cliff or the side of the hanging bridge. What was in my head? I was thinking a number of things on how to jump. I actually had the idea that I was gonna run and leap into the air but now my legs were bound and I could only shift about like a penguin. I could barely move but I made it to the ledge after shuffling about.

It's not that I didn't want to go head down first. I was thinking if I tried those style where people jumped off a building to commit suicide, then maybe a few seconds later, I could try turning my head around. Air pressure... wind speed and *pfff* I couldn't even turned around until the rope ended and I was swaying like a bait at the end of the fish hook. Anyway, I did it and I don't mind jumping the second time in a different style.

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