Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Auntie Went to Shit~!!

The outside of the emperor's tomb wasn't that bad. There were lots of peach and apple trees but since it was winter, the trees were completely stripped off of their leaves. They were just skeletons, looked dead but actually hibernating. I like the rundown side of the place. Give me the actual feel of being in China instead of OCT which has the modern feel. Do you know that I do enjoy dressing up for winter? You have to wear so much, walk so far yet still feel so cold. Love my fluffy boots but won't have the chance to wear it back home now with such humid and warm weather. 
Gosh~! That auntie was one character that I will never forget. She came from one of the villages so I think it might be her first time going to the capital of her own country. The one holding the blue umbrella was just accompanying her to look for a good spot to contribute to the soil, to make the dry soil more fertile for the coming spring. After walking around, finally she found the correct spot to dump her gold assets. We were laughing like hyenas in the bus while waiting for her and the rest of them who were walking among the dead underground. That auntie was one hilarious type and we usually laughed together because I have something else in mind while she thought I was laughing about another matter. In the end, everyone was laughing after looking at both of us who laughed at different matters. Auntie took at least 15 minutes to get her assets placed strategically on the soil. 

Question: If you're the one on the dumping ground, will you hold the umbrella to cover your face or your naked ass? 
That's the question that I asked most of them in the bus. 
Most favourable answer: Cover thy face. You wouldn't want anyone to recognize you for shitting by the roadside or in the middle of nowhere. You need not cover your ass as everyone has almost the same ass unless your ass takes on the shape of a triangle or hexagon or whatever type of polygons that you can imagine of.

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