Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Shopping in Beijing...

We didn't shop for any clothes. After wearing so many layers, if I need to try out a piece of clothing it would take me at least an hour to remove and put everything back on. That would be very time consuming. And the price after discount for the clothes in departmental store was cut-throat expensive. I can buy more back home. We went to the basement and started looking at junk food. There were so many types of snacks there, I was seeing stars. I grabbed a small pack of Oreo as they came in different flavours. I brought those Oreo back home for my kids to try out. The taste was horrible~!! The chocolate chips didn't taste like chocolate chips. Pinky remembered the chocolate chips tasted better when she was small. I love minute maid orange pulp drink. The best part of winter was no refrigerator was needed to keep the food stuff cold. I dislike hot drinks so I have my orange juice from morning until nite. I remembered how we had to carry all those stuff back to the hotel... a 20-minute walk in the icy cold weather. Just love the coldness.

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