Monday, May 14, 2012

The Great Wall of China...

Finally, at 3:30p.m. we reached the Great Wall of China. It was a very rushed trip for the tour guide shoo-ed us out of the bus, walked at the speed of lightning and it was 2-degree Celsius out in the open and the sun was of no help at all to give us heat. The tour guide gave us 2 hours only. 2 hours? I wanted to tell him that he shouldn't give us a time limit after dragging us all around the shops and spent hours and hours of our precious time. Well, I did not argue with him as it would be unfruitful to talk to such senseless person. It was one little part of the Great Wall only as those thousands of steps would take us to a dead end. There were thousands of people up there and one must be very fit to climb all the stairs. I have no stamina for steps at all and I thought I was gonna fail. 
Pinky who has the fear of height was shaking like a leaf. By the time we managed to climb up all the giant steps to the second tower, we took a rest. The picture above was not the second tower. The second tower was further up. I was very tired and since Pinky couldn't move anymore, I decided to stop with her. But we have so much time left. I rested for awhile and was having a debate to myself whether to continue until the end or accompany Pinky. After the Guangzhou Tower incident, I was afraid to leave her alone. Then, she persuaded me to continue as it would definitely be our only time here. I don't think I will go there again so I made a quick decision to go ahead making Pinky promised me not to even move her ass anywhere. I don't have a phone with me and if ever she went missing, I would cry my heart out as it was completely a foreign land there. 
There were many who didn't make it to the end of the Great Wall of China. One needed a lot of self-motivation to get there. I was telling myself that I would reach in a few more steps. The power of the brain and the power of confession. I didn't want to leave Pinky for too long. I planned to make it to the top fast, snap a few photos and then made my way down where I left her. It was very cold and yet I was sweating profusely. I was very tempted to remove the jacket as I have four more layers underneath the thick red jacket and it was so hard to climb fast as there there were two more layers inside my pair of jeans. I started to picture myself back home where I was only in t-shirt and shorts.... HAH... that made me moved faster. I stopped a few people to take photos for me as my photographer was resting at the second watch tower. 
Finally, I made it after 45 minutes. That was the end of the Great Wall of China. I did not snap only one or two photos. We have lots of photos as the only people at the end were my new friends. It was like an ice-breaker. I thought them how to jump around and snap beautiful photos instead of standing in one corner doing nothing. I will never be able to share those fantastic snapshots as they were not able to have access to Facebook and I have problems with reading Chinese thus, I could not have a Weibo account or QQ. I think we spent too much time here taking photos. 
Yeehaw~! They were all so young and it's their first time flying out of their nests. Pinky and I were the only two married young people and I was the oldest among the group. They were only in the beginning of their 20's while I was already at the other end of  my 20's. Well, I am forever 15... so I taught them how to enjoy themselves. They were very nice and friendly people. After getting all of them to sweat it out by jumping in numerous poses, we went down to 'fetch' Pinky. There were so many of us accompanying here. We 'barricaded' Pinky with our human body.
We were the last people to board bus. They were hurrying towards the bus until I asked them to slow down. They wouldn't leave us here in the wilderness. We were the only human beings left at the Great Wall and if the tour guide can waste so much of our precious hours, it wouldn't hurt him to wait for us for a few more minutes. We weren't late actually. We reached the bus exactly at 5:30pm the rest of them were early as they didn't reach the end of the Great Wall. Barely halfway through, they turned back and decided to rest in the bus. 

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