Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Beijing Olympic 2008...

Yay~! I was finally there but not during the 2008 Olympic games. It was icy cold but we were very excited coz Pinky was never here before. The cold was pinching every inch of our skin and I didn't bring Loki down coz I thought it wouldn't be that cold. The temperature was below zero. 
That was the aquatic centre but it was close obviously... who would want to swim in the freezing water? 
The bird nest stadium. There was a story behind the constructions of both buildings. According to my 'shallow' understanding regarding feng shui, the bird nest stadium wasn't meant to be there as the location according to the fengshui master was not appropriate. The location symbolizes fire so you wouldn't want to have a stadium that was built on fire. But since the stadium must be built there, then the water cube was built opposite the fire bird nest in order to cool it down. What was I saying? I don't know what did I just say... I think that was half correct but I remembered when I heard about it... I was thinking to myself... how absurd... very sorry... I do respect your culture but at the same time... haaaa... *speechless*
What's that tower for? Anyway... we took our own sweet time but at first we were running like someone was after us. We were only given 20 minutes to hang around the place. Pinky and I wanted to run all the way to the main entrance of the bird nest stadium as none of us have any idea how the interior of the stadium looked like, what was being held there during winter as there seemed to be people walking up and down the corridor but we were too far from the place. The heartless tour guide would definitely leave us here if we didn't hurry. Hate him to the max~!!

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