Tuesday, May 22, 2012

I Can Bake~!

Muahahha~! I have talent in cooking now I figure I have talent in baking as well. This is not my first attempt in baking. My first one was making chicken pies and the second was chocolate cheesecake while the third was a lemon chocolate pie. That was like 7 years back. So, now I started baking again. I thought I was gonna fail, like getting the cookies burnt or mess up the whole kitchen. I was actually multitasking this morning between preparing Japanese lunch and making these chocolate chip cookies. Halfway mixing all the ingredients I stopped midway, started calling Judz to ask whether I could use Baker's Choice wheat flour instead of the all-purpose flour as stated in the recipe. I couldn't use my all-purpose flour or else the chocolate chip cookies would taste like Kentucky fried chicken. In the end, I used the wheat flour because it was printed there Baker's Choice and there were pictures of cakes and puffs printed as well. 

The feedback after feeding all the guinea pigs was:

  1. It was awesome~!
  2. Superb~!
  3. Tasted better than Subway's cookies~!
  4. Wow~!
Haha... since the response was so good, I think I will continue baking. These chocolate chip cookies were used to determine whether I should bake or not :D I only have 30 pieces and in order not to put on weight, the best way is to give it to my guinea pigs... heehhee... fat distribution in balance :D

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