Saturday, May 26, 2012

The Perfected Cookies...

Due to overwhelming response for my chocolate chip cookies, I went grocery shopping an hour before the clock struck twelve to mark the end of Thursday. Instead of going to the main Tesco in Gelugor, as it closes at 11 o'clock, my hubby and I went to Tesco Extra. I was a bit 'lost' shopping there as I wasn't familiar with where the things were arranged. I found everything that I needed. I changed from using Baker's Choice wheat flour to the all purpose flour as suggested in the recipe. Hershey's chocolate chips were the best I've ever tasted. I can't downgrade my cookies with cheap chocolate chips. 
Baking is nothing like cooking. I can change whichever ingredients or sauces as I wish but baking, there's nothing I can change except that I can reduce the amount of sugar used. I did reduce the amount of sugar in the second batch cookies. I reduced the size of the cookies as well. So instead of making 30 pieces of cookies, I made 44 pieces. As I said, it's very important to follow the ingredients shared by famous bakers, the cookies tasted totally different from what I did a few days ago. 
It tasted better than Famous Amos' chocolate chip cookies. Chipsmore was no competition to this one. The chocolate that oozes out looks like the cheese that oozes out from my handmade burgers. It's finishing very fast but I don't think I'm gonna make this again as I have other things in mind. Anyway, the cookies are FOR SALEE~! RM2 per piece.... price is not negotiable, every ingredient in expensive... takes time to wait for the cookies while they lay resting in the oven.

PS. After tasting this, I realized that I flunk in the first attempt to make the cookies but my guinea pigs did not know that until they have tasted the second batch of cookies.