Friday, May 04, 2012

Judz Double Birthday Celebration...

Happy birthday to you~! It was Judith, Judith, Judith and Grace celebrating Judith's birthday. I need to refill my instant camera with films. Something's not right with either the films or the camera. In the end, I found out that it was the camera that was faulty. Kinda sad to think about it. Let's not dwell in sad issues. It was Judz' birthday and Gracie made a good choice of selecting Sushi Tei in Gurney Plaza. Trust me, the food was splendid and the staff like Michelle and Leonard served us well. Michelle was one good photographer even with the instant camera.
I love Japanese food. That sushi with egg and salmon was so good and the grilled beef was to die for. I have always enjoy having a plate of sashimi. Butterfish, tuna, salmon and any sashimi would be great. Chewing on raw octopus can make me daydream of all the other good and delicious food. 
I've specially ordered a cheesecake from Intan's Home Bakery... muaahahha... Intan even surprised me with her tarts and other delicacies which I do not know how to call them. I'm not into baking, never tried before so I  could only recognize a few things like cakes and tarts. 
We've had a great time together taking snapshots of us together and we did a small performance. I danced... yeah, I danced... I'm a good dancer. *laugh die me* Then, we rushed off to catch our movie, Battleship, Juju was laughing at most of the scenes and Judz and I were wondering which part of the Battleship was funny. In the end, we found out that, how one defines a movie is very subjective. While Judz, Gracie and I enjoy good movie... and we define good as having an interesting storyline, really awesome effects and boom-ing all the way until we were gripping the cinema chairs and ripped the chairs off when we became too excited... but Juju was laughing because she felt that the storyline was always the same, aliens invade America, American soldiers fought for the country, humans against aliens and in the end, humans won. Same ol' same ol'... thank God she didn't join us for Avengers or else she would have laugh until she is folded into two. I can bet you that the best scene in Avengers was when Loki tried to summon the Hulk into bowing to him and before he could finish his sentence, Hulk was holding Loki by the feet and banging him from the left to the right. That was the most hilarious part. 
Okie, let's continue with Judz's birthday celebration. On the 30th of April, the real day, Judz was holding a birthday dinner at Esotico, a restaurant serving really good Western cuisine. I was so jealous that Judz has three birthday cakes, so in total, she has four birthday cakes and the most that I have had was three. The cakes were really delicious and then there was performance by the famous Moses and sons, with Moses singing, Melvin and his violin and Dexter strumming away with his guitar. Where are the photos of Juju and I dancing? I don't even seem to have a piece of the photo. 
All in all, that was one great birthday celebration and I've had lots of fun and the fun continue in my house... HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU AGAIN~!!!

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