Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Loitering Outside the Emperor's Tomb...

After spending endless hours at the jade godown, we were headed to the emperor's tomb. That would mean paying your own entrance fee which both of us smartly refused to do so. It was just a tomb. I would rather visit my grandparents' tombs then any emperors. Thus, we were both loitering around the outer part of the huge place instead of heeding the tour guide's instructions where we were supposed to rot in the bus for almost an hour or so. The older ones who did not purchase the ticket sat in the bus for the whole time. 
We walked all the way to the ticketing booth. We were shocked to see that the price to visit the tomb was only 40yuan, at an all time low as it was during winter and the tour guide charged each of them who wanted to go a 100yuan. That was one unscrupulous move that will be announced out loud by both of us. Our new friends were first time travellers in their own country. There were other events that needed to be paid upfront. 
Hehe... at least I have a photo to prove that I've been there before. A little history about DingLing. That tour guide had been sharing the histories about the Ming Tomb or in Chinese he was saying 十三陵, meaning there were thirteen emperors who were buried underground far away from each other. The people would bring peaches and apples to give to the dead during All Souls' Day. But when I saw the price board with 'Dingling Museum' written, I got very very confused whether it was still Ming Tomb or whose tomb. I was so confused I stopped asking Pinky before she explained until she fainted. She was rather confuse herself so we just walked around and started snapping photos. We were thinking of getting our own tickets and make a fast visit into the underground tomb. I wouldn't want to do so and thank God we didn't waste our money because they came out and told us that no photography allowed in order to respect the dead. 

There were quite a few interesting stuff for sale at the parking bay. I was very interested to get the handmade umbrella for mi mama. The lady refused to lower down the price so I refused to buy. Thank God for not buying or else I would have difficulty bringing it back in one piece. I have no extra space in my luggage when I was lugging it back. That wolf skin was real, that's what the lady said. 
I like this shot particularly because I can never get to experience this back at home. Malaysia is rich with greens with our rainforest jungle. It's a rare sight to me seeing the bald trees. Not such a bad experience in Beijing and when they came back from the visit, we told them of what a crook the tour guide was. A few of them asked for their money back for other future events. Hahahhaa... the truth shall set everyone free. He shouldn't have lied that way to earn money.

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